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So You Want to Start a Podcast?

Your Guide to Launching Your Audio Adventure Podcasts have exploded in popularity in recent years, offering a dynamic and engaging way to share your stories, ideas, and passions with the world. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a complete newbie, the world of podcasting is open to anyone with a voice and a vision. But […]

How Modern Music is Shaping the Future of Marching Bands

The image of the marching band evokes a specific scene: crisp uniforms, precise formations, and a rousing rendition of John Philip Sousa’s “Stars and Stripes Forever.” This traditional image, however, is undergoing a transformation. Modern music is increasingly finding its way onto the marching band field, injecting a dose of energy and excitement that’s captivating […]

TC Electronic – Plethora X5

The TC Electronic Plethora X5: A Multi-FX Pedal with Endless Possibilities The TC Electronic Plethora X5 is a multi-effects pedal that packs a ton of features into a small, portable package. With 5 footswitches, an expression pedal input, and MIDI capabilities, the Plethora X5 can be used to create an endless variety of sounds. One […]

Apogee Jam X

High-end hardware firm Apogee has announced its latest plug-in-and-play audio interface aimed at guitarists: the Jam X.  Offering 24-bit/96 kHz audio quality, the chief innovation of the Jam X is a built-in analog compressor. The feature is a first for the Jam series and gives in-the-box players the chance to shape their signal before it […]

Eventide H90 Harmonizer

The day Eventide released the diminutive multi-effects pedal, the H9, few would’ve foreseen the impact the white stompbox would have. For something so small, the little pedal could hold a raft of Eventide’s effects history and so would become a staple in live setups and DAWless jams everywhere.  Such was its popularity that we’d often […]

Behringer WING 48-Channel Digital Mixer

The overall specifications are rather impressive, with 48 channels, four main, eight matrix, and 16 aux stereo buses. But the real story is Behringer’s new approach to mixing sources rather than inputs. One thing that seems constant in the world of pro audio is the amount of continual change that is happening as equipment manufacturers […]