Why buy from Marshall Music?


Founded in 1986 by John E. Marshall, Marshall Music has held its place in the South African music industry for over 30 years and has grown into one of the largest suppliers of musical and sound equipment in the country. Marshall Music now owns 8 branches nationwide, South Africa’s largest instrument retail warehouse and a gear and sound hire company.

We pride ourselves in providing outstanding quality and service to all our clients because we know that from Liszt to Hendrix and Paganini to Coltrane, the relationship between musicians and their instruments is fundamental to the development of music.

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John E. Marshall with son Dayne Marshall at Johns retirement party.
27 November 2018

At Marshall music, we have one single goal in mind: to make you a satisfied customer. That single focus, driven from every aspect of the company’s operation, is the key to our ongoing success. If you’re a satisfied customer, you’ll come back to us when you have additional gear needs in the future, and you’ll tell your friends about us. Then if we can make them satisfied customers, the cycle continues.


Dayne Marshall – The Owner

With over 35 years of experience in the music retail and distribution industry, Dayne is well-known both locally and internationally as a major force in the industry. Dayne ran Staccato Drum Company with his father John in the early 1980s. He previously worked at Zildjian Cymbals, Sabian Cymbals and Latin Percussion in the United Kingdom, then later as the Global Sales Director for Latin Percussion in the United States. Dayne has a veritable wealth of experience in the space. He returned to South Africa to manage Marshall Music with his father in 1991. He currently owns Marshall Music and Music Power, as well as functioning as the international sales manager for Vater Percussion

Dayne and John Marshall in 1980 at Summer NAMM in Chicago. John was honored by the NAMM Foundation as part of a public ceremony in January 2019 at Winter NAMM after his sad passing.

Our Values

It comes down to values. At Marshall Music we truly value our customers. We place you first, in every situation. Whether you need advice, guidance, support…whatever it takes to ensure that you purchase the best product for your needs and that you get the most out of it is what we want to provide.

We consider our customers to be our friends. And, we treat you, our friends, in the same way that we want to be treated – with care, professionalism, and a true interest in your success. We believe that if you are successful and satisfied in your dealings with us, then we in turn will be successful.

Dayne Marshall with Alan Vater (left) at NAMM show

The Marshall Family

Part of what makes Marshall Music so special is our team, besides having  the best trained sales team in the industry, we are a family business, which it has been for three generations. From founder John Marshall, to his son and current owner Dayne Marshall, as well as Daynes sister, Vickey who has been involved with Marshall Music since the year 2000, and has run the accounts for Marshall Music and Music Power for over 20 years. Three of Daynes children are also involved with the businesses, his eldest daughter, Tayla, is involved with Marshall Musics Online store, as well as being the Manager of Marshall Event Gear. Daynes other daughter, Shanley, is also involved with the Online store as well as working for Daynes distribution company, Music Power. Daynes youngest and only son, Liam Marshall, also works for Marshall Music as Manager of the online store as well as Head of purchasing and stock Management. Being a family Business, Marshall Music has deep roots of trust and integrity, with all of its members sharing the same values, with five Marshalls in the business, they all bring a variety of skills into the company, with a unified goal.


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left to right
Dewald Pretorius, Dayne Marshall, Liam Marshall, Barry Meyerson

Fairness and Respect

After more than 34 years in business, we have seen the political and social landscape shift time and again. Marshall Music has been and will continue to be a company committed to one very simple principle: Always Do The Right Thing. We’ve committed this belief to the fabric of how we choose to do business.

The Marshall Music Difference

We call all of this “The Marshall Music Difference” – a combination of customer service, after-sale support, and as much extra value as we can possibly pile on top of an already great deal to ensure that you come away from dealing with us with a smile on your face and with the gear you need to achieve your musical and audio goals.

Thank You

We’re very pleased that you would give us the chance to earn your business by either calling us or visiting our site. We hope that you like what you see, and that you will give us the opportunity to prove that what we have said here is true. We consider it the highest honor when you choose us as your resource for music and audio gear. Thank you very much!

Why Choose Marshall Music?

The Marshall Music Difference is all about giving you the best shopping experience you’ve ever had. We want you to be 100% satisfied with not only the gear you purchase, but also with the service you receive. But the Marshall Music Difference goes far beyond this and includes extras you simply won’t find anywhere else, all designed to ensure that you are a happy customer.

  • The Human Touch, From helping you make the right gear decisions to ensuring that your order ships smoothly, to following up after you receive your gear, there’s a real person taking care of your order.
  • Ideal Gear Selection, Our warehouse is overflowing with thousands of quality products from the very best names in the industry. When you shop with us you can be confident we have exactly what you’re looking for.