Peavey FX 2 – 16


‘- Silencer mic preamps with current-source dual feedback design
– 12 XLR mic inputs / 12 1/4” Line Inputs
– Two stereo channels with direct-to-L/R assignment capability
– Three-band channel EQ on all input channels
– Sweepable mid-frequency control on all mono input channels
– Variable low-cut filter on all mono input channels, off to 300Hz
– Inserts on all mono channels
– Four-bus design with direct group outputs and L/R assignment
– Four monitor sends per channel, pre-fader
– Two effects sends per channel, post-fader
– Pan and PFL on each channel
– Multi-point clip detection
– Signal presence LEDs on every input, group and return
– Mute switches with LED indicator on every input, group and return channel
– 48-volt phantom power switch
– Dual DSP engines for output processing, dual effects and digital I/O
– Output processing includes EQ, Delay and Compressor/Limiter
– Large LCD graphics user interface
– Dual USB ports
– Direct streaming of audio to and from your computer
– Built-in MP3 compression, direct recording and playback via USB removable data storage device
– Media inputs with level control assignable to L/R mix
– Headphone output with level control
– 12V BNC lamp jacks
– 100mm faders
– Feedback Ferret – Automated Feedback Elimination

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