Imageline FL Studio 12 – Fruity Edition

Imageline FL Studio 12 – Fruity Edition

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Sequencing and Music Production Software with Unlimited Instrument Tracks, VST/DXi Instrument Support, and Included Virtual Instruments and Plug-in Processors – PC VST, DXi

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If you need the production power of FL Studio, but don’t need to deal with audio recording or audio clips, then FL Studio Fruity Edition 12 will fit the bill. FL Studio Fruity Edition gives you full access to a powerful piano roll editor, which lets you sequence and arrange your virtual instruments to your heart’s desire. It also gives you access to FL Studio’s powerful step sequencer, 18+ virtual instruments, and over a dozen built-in effects and processors. Add to that unlimited tracks, VST and DXi instrument support, and full automation capabilities, and you’ll be hard pressed to find another electronic music production system at Sweetwater that offers the kind of bang for the buck as Image Line’s FL Studio Fruity Edition.