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Tommy Fraser

Tommy started playing drums at the tender age of five and had his first on stage performance at his school and as many drummers started, in church at age 6.

Seeking to become the best drummer he could be, Tommy’s parents enlisted the services of Mr. Pat Smith, who became his first drum teacher, and he introduced him to a formal curriculum, and drums theory.

During his time with Mr. Smith, Tommy’s love for drums and music became more apparent and he immediately started taking part in Eisteddfod competitions, and Drumline shows.

From age 13, Tommy started his International curriculum through MI in California with Mr. Andre Luke, and continued to study music and drums theory, as well as intense practical playing, throughout his high school career.

At 14, he was recruited by Mr. John Davies, one of SA’s most sessioned trombone players, to play in a junior Jazz ensemble, and was also tasked in 1994, to write the official drumline drumscore for South Africa’s new National Anthem, Nkosi Si’kililele Africa.

After High School, Tommy entered the theater arena and played for Pro Touch event makers and Sun International Casinos, this was the official launch of his professional career.

After suffering serious health issues which almost left Tommy dead three times, he consequently quit playing drums professionally for a period of ten years.

When his health had recovered, Tommy contacted Mr. Neill Ettridge from Drumlab, and asked his assistance to get him back on track with drumming. Since then, they have partnered up and Tommy now co-owns Drumlab SA, and In The Pocket Music, together with Mr. Ettridge.

“We have reached great heights and are hosting International artists and colleagues, Jared Falk and Dave Atkinson from Drumeo, in South Africa and are forming a strong business relationship with them.”

Tommy’s professional career has now brought him to play for one of SA’s top male artists, the Adam Tas band, SUMO band and various new projects and he performs in excess of 180 shows per annum.

“Fills bring thrills, but groove pays the bills.”

~ Steve Gadd

Tommy’s Gear

  • Sabian Cymbals
  • Vater Drumsticks – Recording Series
  • DW9000 Kick Pedal
  • Sonor 600 Series Hardware
  • Sonor SQ2 Drumki
  • Roland V-Drums