The Motu Stage-B16 : The Ultimate Stage Box

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The Motu Stage-B16 : The Ultimate Stage Box


From some of the most demanding studios to the worlds biggest stages, the Motu Stage B-16 delivers a superb analogue quality, a new line of audio interfaces and flexible networking all wrapped up tightly in a rugged stage box form factor.

Firstly, the Motu Stage-B16 has so many features its hard to pick which ones to talk about, we chose what we felt was the most important, that being said, follow this link to find out more.

The Ultimate Stage Box. 

The Motu Stage-B16 runs 16 microphone signals to front of house and anywhere else on the network. AVB networking technology allows you to run mic signals over standard Ethernet cabling to a front-of-house mixing console up to 100 meters away, you can also run it to other destinations on the network, like the monitor mix console or a computer-based recording rig.

The mixer in the Stage-B16 is identical to the mixer found in MOTU’s flagship 1248 and 16A interfaces, with console- style mixing with 48 channels and 12 busses controlled wirelessly from your smartphone, ipad or laptop.

Console-Style Mixing with 48 Channels and 12 Busses. – Super Versatile 

The mixer in the Stage-B16 is exactly the same as the mixer found in MOTU’s flagship 1248 and 16A interfaces, which means, if you know your way around a large-format mixing console, you’ll be at home.

Vintage Processing with 32-bit float precision – Amazing Tone.

Get the sound of a high-quality analogue mixer. The Stage-16’s EQ’s have been meticulously modelled for that classic analogue tone, each input channel also provides a classic compressor with peak/RMS operation.

Groups and the Main Mix bus are equipped with MOTU’s Leveler™, an accurate model of the legendary Teletronix™ LA-2A™ optical leveling amplifier, known for its highly sought-after Automatic Gain Control (AGC) characteristics.

Ethernet ‘Snake’ and audio networking – No Cables!

The Stage-B16 provides “digital snake” connectivity using AVB Ethernet, you can run cable lengths up to 100 meters with standard CAT-5e or CAT-6 ethernet cables and ultra-low, sub-millisecond latency. Route audio from an AVB network over an entire performance venue or recording facility.

The Stage-B16 is so flexible, it can serve many roles — in the studio, on stage, and throughout an installation. The Quick Setup menu lets you instantly reconfigure the Stage-B16 for many common situations, from operation as a standard audio interface to serving as a network “snake” from one location to another. Once a preet is chosen, you can easily customize the routing grid and mixer settings to further suit your specific needs — and then save your own custom presets.




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