SE Electronics Munro Egg 150 Monitoring System (SHOP DEMO- “as is”)


SE Electronics Munro Egg 150 Monitoring System (SHOP DEMO- “as is”)

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Active nearfield monitoring system with 2 speakers and control unit with built in amplifiers.

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The EGG150 is the original EGG Monitoring System, incorporating a fundamental rethink of the loudspeaker engineering process. Replacing the traditional box shape with a unique and scientifically proven, curved design to virtually eliminate diffraction and resonant effects that would otherwise distort and artificially colour the original sound.The EGG150 Monitoring System features a pair of analogue EGG speakers with a custom-designed amplifier control unit. Housing all of the electronics inside the amp, rather than inside the EGGs themselves, allows us to maintain the EGG shape on the inside as well as the outside of the speaker chassis.

Each EGG is made with a rigid and resonant-neutral monocoque shell and equipped with a 150mm LF driver and a 25mm HF tweeter. There are blue LEDs above the tweeter in order to assist the user in finding the listening sweet spot upon set up, and can be switched off at the back of the amplifier once the system is set up.The EGG150 includes custom-designed Nests for the EGGs to sit in. These serve several functions and are intended to facilitate the exact alignment of the speakers in any operational situation.The contoured surface allows axis tilting either forward or back without obstruction of the base port or cable entry. The material is rubber, as used in proprietary shock mounts and isolation pads.