Orange Amplifiers Dual Terror Tube Guitar Amp Head – 30W

Orange Amplifiers Dual Terror Tube Guitar Amp Head – 30W

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2-channel Tube Amplifier Head with 30-, 15-, and 7-watt Power Settings

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Often imitated, but never equalled, the iconic Tiny Terror quite literally turned the guitar world upside down upon its launch. Heralded by Guitarist Magazine as ‘the most important guitar product in the last 30 years‘. This is the original lunchbox amp head, and continues to set the standard by which all other low wattage valve amplifiers must be judged. Now discontinued, the Tiny Terror lives on through the Dual Terror.

Featuring a 30 Watt output section, the Dual Terror head is the most powerful in the Terror range, offering more clean headroom and volume than the Tiny Terror with the added flexibility of a second channel. The ‘Tiny Terror Channel’ is lifted straight from the original 15 Watt version, retaining the signature tones that made the Tiny Terror such a hit. However, with double the power on offer, it packs an even fiercer punch.

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