Orange Amp Head Or100 100W Valve

Orange Amp Head Or100 100W Valve

Classic Orange styling and tone, 100W (tube), Tubes: four 12AX7 (preamp); four EL34 (power amp); one 12AT7, Two channels.


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From the off, the OR100’s classic vibe is evident, with its ‘Pics Only’ fascia paying tribute to our ‘Graphic’ models of the early 1970s. However, whilst the tones within are certainly at the vintage end of the spectrum, the OR100 caters for players searching for the ‘Holy Grail’ of ‘old-school’ British tone but with modern functionality.

This amp is the first model in the OR Series to feature two channels. The Clean channel is a non-master type, with a tight low end, plenty of headroom with a distinctive and unmistakably Orange character. The Dirty channel has three stages of gain, rich in upper harmonics, taking the amp from Classic Rock into vintage Thrash territory.

With a huge dynamic range, defined note separation and wealth of colourful gain textures the OR100 also features a valve buffered effects loop plus a switchable output section, varying the full 100 Watts down to 70, 50 and 30W. For added flexibility, the OR100 also sports a footswitchable gain boost on the Dirty channel, plus a footswitchable global boost which adds 3dB to either channel for an extra kick when you need it.

Power: 100W (tube)
Tubes: four 12AX7 (preamp); four EL34 (power amp); one 12AT7
Two channels
Pics-only front panel
Footswitchable dirty channel gain boost/global boost
Channel switch
Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume controls (dirty channel)
Volume, Bass, Treble controls (clean channel)
Made in England