NS Design NXTa Electric Cello – 4 String

NS Design NXTa Electric Cello – 4 String

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Authentic bowed and pizzicato upright sounds in a portable package
Meticulously crafted and built in the Czech Republic
Authentic upright bass 41.73″” scale length

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The NS Design NXTa Electric Cello – Crafted For The Serious Cellist

The NS Design NXTa electric cello, available with 4 or 5 strings, fretless or fretted. It opens up new vistas for the serious cellist.

Crafted in the Czech Republic by the makers of the renowned CR Series, NXT series cellos exemplify flawless workmanship at an exceptional value.


Perfect for the touring musician

As a pure electric instrument, the NS cello has certain built-in advantages over an acoustic. One is the virtual absence of wolf tones, an unfortunate fact of life for the acoustic cellist. Another is freedom from feedback in amplified performance settings. Which means that the cellist can move about the stage at will, and better yet, can take solos at any volume.
Since 100% of the sound comes via the pickup, using looping and other electronic effects in live performance is much easier and far more effective than with an amplified acoustic, where much of the unprocessed sound “leaks” out to the audience.


About NS Design – The History

NS Design was founded in 1990 by famed instrument designer Ned Steinberger to develop electric string instruments. The primary focus is on bowed instruments – the violin, viola, cello and double bass. Ned explains, “Bowed electric instruments have been made since the mid-thirties. Unfortunately, most of these instruments are the victims of the misplaced idea that an electric instrument should sound exactly like its acoustic predecessor. I want to take it a step further, I want to see what these instruments can do when they are set free.” NS instruments are currently being “set free” by artists such as Laurie Anderson, Les Claypool, David Darling, Tony Levin, Rob Wasserman, and many others.


About NS Design – Today

Today at NS Design, Ned’s passion and dedication to innovation continue undeterred. With new patents on the double bass and violin, the full NS family of concert string instruments advances the state of the art. The remarkable Polar™ pickup system provides unparalleled response, control, and richness of tone for both bow and pizzicato technique. Excellent balance and light weight make the instruments a joy to play. Full control of extensive on-board electronics and interchangeable support structures for the bass and cello provide unprecedented versatility to meet a wide variety of performance requirements. The same qualities, beautiful tone and flawless playability, that make these instruments the choice of the most accomplished musicians, also make it possible for the student player to achieve a higher level of performance.