MOTU Digital Performer 8


MOTU Digital Performer 8

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Powerful synth and many workflow enhancements

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Designed to be compatible with both OS X and Windows, MOTU’s Digital Performer 8 64-bit DAW software gives you more powerful music creation and audio recording tools than ever before! MOTU designed Digital Performer 8 to let you record, edit, and mix music intuitively, combining new plug-ins and powerful processors with the versatile software environment many of the wold’s top music professionals have depended on for decades. With Digital Performer 8, you’re in control of your environment, giving you the flexibility to work any way you like. A professional choice for film scoring, post-production, and music recording Since 1990, MOTU’s Digital Performer has been a staple of the film and music production industry – and for good reason! From its straightforward, tape-style recording layout to its advanced MIDI implementation and scoring capabilities, few other DAWs can claim as comprehensive a feature set as Digital Performer. And in Digital Performer 8, MOTU upped the ante again. Advanced real-time processors, enhanced music notation functions, and added flexibility all make it easier than ever to take your ideas and turn them into perfectly polished productions with Digital Performer 8. 64-bit, cross-platform compatibility lets you run this amazing DAW on any computer By far the most groundbreaking upgrade in Digital Performer 8 is its redesigned 64-bit, cross-platform compatibility. It’s sure got everyone at Sweetwater excited! That’s right, the long-time Mac-only Digital Performer DAW is now available for both Mac and PC operating systems! But that’s not all. While they were at it, MOTU redesigned Digital Performer 8 be 64-bit compatible as well, giving you access to the full power of your samplers, virtual instruments, and other RAM-intensive plug-ins. Loaded with more incredible plug-ins and virtual instruments than ever before Speaking of plug-ins, MOTU certainly didn’t skimp when they put together Digital Performer 8. This DAW comes loaded with tons of amazing content. In addition to six amazing virtual instruments and suite of powerhouse effects processors, Digital Performer includes over a dozen fantastic new plug-ins. Among these are the Springamabob spring reverb and a fun modeled analog delay effect, plus a handful of new guitar amp and stompbox models. Digital Performer 8 also introduces MOTU’s new multiband dynamic EQ, Subkick bass enhancer, and many other powerful processors. MOTU’s Punch Guard preroll and postroll recording saves good takes from bad timing We’ve all done it before. You’re recording a punch or fresh track, and the artist jumps the gun, causing you miss the leading edge of the first note. Fixing the track takes a lot of time, and you still lose what would have been a great take. That’s why MOTU created Digital Performer 8’s Punch Guard feature. With Punch Guard enabled, Digital Performer 8 automatically records the four seconds before and after you start tracking, allowing you to simply adjust your in and out points later if you accidentally cut anything off. Customize your environment to comfortably fit the needs of your workflow MOTU’s Digital Performer has always been one of the most customizable DAWs out there, allowing you to arrange its windows and and user interface in the way that best suits your needs. In Digital Performer 8, this flexibility gets even more advanced. Digital Performer 8’s upgraded video engine lets you view full 720p or 1080p HD video clips on either your primary or secondary display. You also get 14 new color themes to choose from, including Hi-Fi, Arctic, and None More Black.