Monkey Banana Gibbon Air – White (Per Pair)


Monkey Banana Gibbon Air – White (Per Pair)

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The Gibbon AIR 2.0 system is an active near field monitor system with Bluetooth technology – it consists of an active and a passive loudspeaker. The speaker is equipped with a 4” polypropylene woofer for the low-end frequency range and a ¾” silk tweeter. Integrated Bluetooth technology allows wireless connection to almost any mobile audio device. The compact studio monitor, with a perfect price-performance ratio, is suitable for flexible multimedia applications and studio situations.

The extremely compact desktop monitor is a good choice for small monitoring environments or as a second monitoring solution. With its modern and stylish enclosure, it also is a good choice and the ideal loudspeaker system for wireless HIFI-pleasure in the office, for gaming or at home.