Monkey Banana Baboon 6 Active Studio Monitor


Monkey Banana Baboon 6 Active Studio Monitor

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Active studio monitor
6.5 “woofer with Kevlarwebe and
7.4-inch² AMT tweeter
60 Watt Biamp module LF
30 Watt Biamp Module HF

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The Baboon 6 is an active studio monitor with an air motion transformer tweeter and a special kevlar woofer. We developed the Baboon 6 to enable you to judge the mix better, especially when mastering and mixing, due to even higher resolution in the high frequency range. The Baboon 6 is an ideal monitoring solution for professional recording- and mastering studios and discriminating HiFi-pleasure. The Baboon 6 offers versatile application possibilities for near field monitoring.

A 6.5“woofer with kevlar weave and a 7.4“ AMT-tweeter are in use. The amplification power of the bi-amp-module is 60 watts for the low frequency range and 30 watts for the high-frequency range.


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