Korg PA 600 QT [ Voiced for Eastern Music) Professional Arranger

Korg PA 600 QT [ Voiced for Eastern Music) Professional Arranger

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61-key Arranger Workstation with Quarter Tone Mini-keyboard, 360+ Music Styles, 950+ Sounds, Built-in MP3 Player w/Vocal Remover, and 15W Dual-speaker Sound System

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Expand the versatility of your studio or live rig with the Korg Pa600QT Quarter Tone arranger keyboard. This arranger is loaded with the same features as the Pa600QT, but adds a quarter tone mini-keyboard along with new Sounds, Styles, and instruments for playing Middle Eastern music styles. The Pa600QT boasts Korg’s enhanced RX (Real eXperience) and DNC (Defined Nuance Control) sound engine, which give you lifelike sound and incredibly dynamic performances. You get over 360 styles, a large TouchView display for easy navigation, and over 950 sounds – and you can even add-on custom sound and performance sets (sold separately). Simply put, the Korg Pa600QT is a powerful yet easy-to-use arranger workstation for Middle Eastern music. The only differences between the Korg Pa600QT and the Pa600 is the quarter tone mini-keyboard and the expanded library. The Quarter Tone Sub Scale keyboard lets you select which keys/notes you want flatted to the nearest quarter tone. Four preset buttons give you instant access to the most common quarter tone scales. Korg created a specific library of Sounds and Styles that are tailored to Middle Eastern music genres. They also included instruments such as the Oud, bouzouk, kanoun, various percussion, and many others. If you’re looking for the perfect instrument for Middle Eastern music, then you nee to pick up the Korg Pa600QT. You’ll find over 360 professionally-created music styles in the Korg Pa600QT, and it’s easy to make them your own. Each style has three intros/endings, four variations, and four fill in/breaks. Once you’ve found your favorite styles, you can store your favorites and your user-created styles in storage for easy recall. When you’re writing a guitar part on a keyboard, it can be difficult to make it sound like it’s actually played by a guitarist! Korg’s Pa600QT has a Guitar Mode that essentially translates what you’re playing on your keyboard into a convincing guitar performance. For example, when you play a chord, the notes “strum” instead of arpeggiate. With over 125 built-in effects, you’ll be able to polish your music until it’s production-ready, all in your Pa600QT. And each track also features its own EQ, with a 4-band parametric EQ and a limiter on the master output. So not only can you produce your music on the Korg Pa600QT, you can also use it to add the final polishes that will make it ready for showtime.