Hughes & Kettner Triamp Mark 3 Amp Head

Hughes & Kettner Triamp Mark 3 Amp Head

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Six-channel Tube Guitar Amp Head, A smart, easy-to-operate and versatile tone monster.

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No limits. No compromises. This is what you get when 30 years of tube amp expertise combine with an absolute freedom of engineering. The result is an amp boasting a range of professional sounds not offered by any other amp anywhere on the planet. And best of all, TriAmp Mark 3’s breathtaking versatility and inspirational tonality is matched only by its ease and joy of use. Each of TriAmp Mark 3’s six independent, action-packed channels represents a whole era of tone, and each of these six eras can be routed to three independent tube power amps. But there’s more. You can also combine two or even all three of the power amps, merge different power amp characters, and play TriAmp Mark 3 with up to 150 watts of sheer tube power. This effectively lets you custom tailor your amp in the amp, recalling up to 128 sound constellations with the touch of a button via MIDI. And if that’s not enough, TriAmp Mark 3 leaves our factory in St. Wendel, Germany equipped with two pairs of 6L6 power tubes and one pair of EL34s — but it works equally well with other tube types too. The revised TSC System — Tube Safety Control, which automatically and constantly biases tubes and keeps your amp in good health — allows you to combine KT66s, KT77s, KT88s, 6550s, 5881s, 7581s and/or 6CA7s. Imagine what this could do for your trademark sounds. TriAmp Mark 3 genuinely lets you usher in a new era of tone!

6 channels with 3 independent preamps
3 freely assignable power amps
2 x 6L6, 1 X EL34 power tubes
Stomp Boost adds double the sounds to 82
128 MIDI-controlled sound presets
Red Box AE DI output
Tube Safety Control to keep tubes healthy
More distinctive channels
Swap EL34/6L6
Dim/switch off the the light
Switchable Boost
Brown Sound: Replace Channel 2B
Latter-Day High Gain
100/50 watts Power-Switch per channel