Gretsch Energy 5 Piece Drum Kit Grey

Gretsch Energy 5 Piece Drum Kit Grey


5-piece Poplar Drum Kit with 1 Bass Drum, 2 Rack Toms, 1 Floor Tom, 1 Snare Drum, and Hardware – Gray

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The Gretsch Energy 5-piece drum set comes complete with Zildjian Planet Z cymbals and hardware – just add a throne, and you’re ready to rock. For classic, punchy Gretsch sound, Energy drums sport 7-ply poplar shells with 30-degree bearing edges, 1.5mm triple-flanged hoops, and Remo heads. Did we mention how cool this kit looks? Gretsch-styled hardware includes mini lugs, tom brackets, tom holder, bass drum mount plate and snare throw off, and a finish that’ll look great under stage lights. The bass drum pedal has been upgraded with adjustable beater angle adjustment, a smooth footboard, and a two-way beater. If you’re just getting into drumming, the Gretsch Energy 5-piece drum kit gives you Gretsch quality at an amazing value. Energy drums sound just like you’d expect from Gretsch, thanks to 30-degree bearing edges (where the hoop meets the shell). At 30 degrees, the surface area between the hoop and shell is maximized, which optimizes the transfer of vibration. That gives Gretsch drums a fast response, warm tone, and punchy impact, and you’ll hear it in every drum in the Gretsch Energy kit.

Complete acoustic drum set with cymbals and hardware
Gretsch formula 7-ply poplar shells
Finish: PVC wrap
30-degree bearing edge
Tom/snare hoops 1.5mm triple flanged
Bass drum hoops: black metal with matching inlay
Hardware features: Gretsch mini lug
Gretsch 9020 tom and floor tom leg brackets
Gretsch-branded snare throw off
Gretsch-branded ball/socket tom holder with 12.7mm L-arms
Redesigned bass drum claw hook
Folding and telescoping bass drum spurs with adjustable rubber tip
Gretsch adjustable throw off with fixed butt plate
Remo UC heads
Chain drive bass drum pedal with beater angle adjustment, redesigned footboard, and felt/ABS hybrid beater
Chain drive hi-hat stand with redesigned footboard
Snare stand with tilter and adjustable basket
Straight stand with tilter and 8mm wing nut
Hideaway boom stand with tilter 8mm wing nut
Cymbals: Zildjian Planet Z – 13″ hi-hat, 16″ crash, 20″ ride


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