Fender Passport Studio 150W PA System

Fender Passport Studio 150W PA System


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  • Mobile, high-definition studio monitors
  • Built using genuine Focal 5″ LF drivers and inverted dome tweeters
  • Protective housing that allows you to easily connect the speakers for transport
  • Integrated handle for easy carrying
  • 150-Watt Class D power amp
  • Inverted-dome tweeter design offers high efficiency, precision, and energy
  • Aluminum/Magnesium alloy tweeter delivers dynamic and detailed treble frequencies
  • Rigid, Focal-exclusive Polyglass cone technology offers outstanding linearity and definition
  • Onboard volume controls plus bass and treble room-correction switches
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Let’s face it: the reality of modern studio recording means tracking, mixing, and doing other production tasks in more than one place. That’s what makes Fender’s new Passport Studio monitor set the perfect product for today’s producers, engineers, and musicians. These monitors provide the accuracy your projects demand, thanks to top-grade components (including genuine Focal 5″ LF drivers and inverted dome tweeters) and innovative construction. You get the full sound and detail you need for critical listening. The Fender Passport Studio monitors also get a level of portability that other monitors just can’t provide.

Aluminum/Magnesium alloy tweeter for precise, analytical sound

By blending aluminum and magnesium for the tweeter, Focal effectively harnessed the benefits of each. With the Fender Passport Studio, you can expect great damping qualities, excellent rigidity, and extremely reduced distortion, thanks to the marriage of the two materials. The configuration produces a precise sound – and an extremely deep soundstage. All in all, the Passport Studio’s treble frequencies are dynamic and detailed. This technology combines perfectly with the Polyglass woofer, for sonic synergy.

Focal Polyglass cone technology delivers outstanding sound

To create their exclusive Polyglass technology, Focal applies molten-glass microballs onto a cellulose pulp cone. This process combines excellent paper damping with glass rigidity – the rigidity index, in fact, exceeds that of a single-skin Kevlar and is almost ten times more rigid than polypropylene. As a result, the Passport Studio cone’s mass/rigidity/damping contributes to outstanding linearity of the frequency-response curve and greatly increases the Fender Passport Studio’s definition in the midrange.

Portable design that works in any room

These Passport Studio monitors are enclosed in a protective housing that allows you to connect the speakers and use the integrated handle for easy transport. Onboard volume controls plus bass and treble room-correction switches allow you to adapt these monitors to any listening environment, so you can get to work. Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer today and step into the new world of studio recording!


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