EVE SC208 Active Nearfield Studio Monitors (Individual)

EVE SC208 Active Nearfield Studio Monitors (Individual)

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EVE SC208 Active Nearfield Studio Monitors (Individual)

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Low end response is equally impressive, and for a speaker of this size there’s plenty of bass extension. Obviously the cabinet and driver sizes will limit the ultimate response possible but Eve have managed to eke out every last drop. The rear mounted porting certainly seems to do the trick. The big test for us is always when we play the bass, because if there any problems or dead spots we feel them straight away. There are none with the 207’s. No sir, it’s a warm tone and precise balance across the range of the instrument all the way.

Eve’s excellence is continued during mixing, with plenty of detail present when EQ’ing and compressing. You can hear the subtlest of changes, leaving you with little doubt over what you’re doing. On acoustic sources the environmental detail of rooms is excellent, and when adding spatial effects like reverb and delay the stereo imaging comes into play. As a result, blending sounds into the space you’re trying to create is simple and translates well to other speakers. Transient response is superb over the whole range, bass is punchy and fat, and snares and percussion are clear and detailed. All these individual plusses mean that getting the overall balance is simple because the detail is there right across the spectrum.