Cerwin Vega AB36C Passive 18″ Subwoofer

Cerwin Vega AB36C Passive 18″ Subwoofer

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Newly designed 18” woofer with Stroker™ technology for increased output and reduced distortion, Improved power handling to 1600 w

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Cerwin Vega

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The AB-36C “Afterburner” is a highly advanced design that incorporates Cerwin-Vega’s 50 years of experience in building some of the industry’s best-known subwoofers. Its design makes it ideal for use in the most demanding environments where pure bass power is the goal, such as installations, live sound, mobile DJs, and club applications. With six and a half feet of folded horn chamber length in the cabinet, the new AB-36C Folded Horn Subwoofer has bass frequency extension similar to a 36” driver with even more SPL performance. The AB-36C features Stroker™ Technology for increased power handling, decreased distortion, and radial cooling fins. A striking die cast door has improved heat dissipation capabilities and sports a “Stroker 18” metal badge. In addition, the curved horn mouth bracing provides a smoother frequency response and the enhanced front corner bracing offers extra durability.