Casio WK-240K2 Church Model

Casio WK-240K2 Church Model

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76 piano-look, touch-sensitive keys, 600 AHL keyboard voices, 48-note polyphony

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This is the latest in Casio’s warmly reviewed and popular WK series. It is nicely equipped with sounds, accompaniment styles, effects, a recorder, connectivity, a sing banks and all of the other innovations and features that has made Casio famous in the digital keyboard world.

All built-in tones, including piano and acoustic instrument tones now sound better than ever before. Pianos, electric pianos, organs, strings, brass, basses, synth leads and much more are all represented here, along with 48-tone maximum polyphony, minimizing the chance of notes being dropped when tones are layered and when playing with Auto Accompaniment.

Chord Book
You can use the Chord Book to look up chords you do not know how to play. You can hear what a chord sounds like and a simple operation even shows you inverted forms of the chord, making the Chord Book a valuable reference.

Sampling function
You can sample a sound from a microphone and then play the sound on the keyboard. You also can use sampled sounds to compose music. The sampling feature is a great way to create new sounds. Use a microphone connected to the keyboard’s MIC IN / SAMPLING Jack to sample the sounds of things nearby. If you sample the “Ting!” sound of a triangle, for example, you can then play notes with the sound
on the keyboard. You even can add reverb, vibrato, and other effects to the sampled sound. Your dog is now a keyboard patch.

MIC IN jack
Sing along with built-in songs or songs loaded from outside sources.

Step Up Lesson
To master a song, it is best to break it up into short phrases, master each of the phrases, and then put everything together. Step Up Lesson does exactly that, providing you with the support you need to improve your play. Your lesson score appears on the display screen, and if the keyboard senses you are having problems, it will help you by calling out finger numbers in a simulated human voice.
Lesson part select(right hand, left hand, both hands)

152 Song Bank tunesincluding 50 Exercise phrases(Song Book provided*)
Built-in songs cover a wide range of genres for lesson play and for your listening enjoyment. You can load songs from external sources and use them for listening, play along, or even lessons. Memory capacity is approximately 320KB, which is enough for up to 10 songs. Note that the actual number of songs that can be stored depends on the size of each individual song and other data stored in memory.