CAD GXL2600 USB Condenser Microphone

CAD GXL2600 USB Condenser Microphone

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Aoedein 1″ Large Diaphragm USB Condenser

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CAD Audio takes another step forward with the exciting GXL USB Series of studio microphones. CAD Audio has been creating valued product since 1931 and prides itself on developing and supporting the studio performer. The design of the series was straightforward – develop a high value USB mic with true studio performance. The GXL USB Studio microphones will exceed expectations and provide superior results for your next recording session.

The GXL2600USB Large Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone features the Aoedein 1″ large diaphragm capsule that delivers full range studio fidelity and outstanding transient response. The Aoedein capsule is then paired with CAD’s PureTone a/d converter further ensuring an accurate and efficient signal path. The GXL2600USB is supplied with a studio quality shockmount, desk stand and cable.