BBE Sonic Sweet Plugin

BBE Sonic Sweet Plugin

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Includes the D28 Sonic Maximizer, H82 Harmonic Maximizer, and Loudness Maximizer
Compatible with MAC OS X 10.5, 10.6; and Windows XP; Vista; and Windows 7
AU, RTAS, & VST hosts

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The BBE Sonic Sweet audio software suite combines 3 professional and easy-to-use tracking, editing, mixing, and mastering plug-ins for every facet of digital audio production. If audio enhancement is what you’re after, the BBE Sonic Sweet will give your projects a professional touch.

The included 3 plug-ins are:
D82 Sonic Maximizer”restores a signal’s natural clarity and depth
H82 Harmonic Maximizer, a multiband enhancer/harmonics generator for adding emphasis to low and high frequencies for additional punch and sparkle

L82 Loudness Maximizer is a simple yet effective Mastering Limiter that smooths and tightens up your tracks