How To Have Your Demo Picked By Record Labels

How To Have Your Demo Picked By Record Labels

How To: Have Your Demo Picked By Record Labels

You’ve recorded the best album ever.The next step after recording your demo is naturally handing it to people who will be able to give you your big break. However, what is tricky about that step is that a lot of artists, like you, are also trying to get their demos heard. Therefore, there needs to be a plan in place to ensure that your demo stands out and doesn’t get lost in the shuffle… We’ve laid out a few tips to help you have your demo picked by record labels.

Here are a few steps you can follow to get your demo to the top of the pile:

1. Conduct Research

The first thing to do before sending your demo out is to create a list of labels who might be interested in hearing what you have to offer. For example, sending a hip hop demo to an indie rock label would be futile. Look at what bands you like and what labels they are under. Ask yourself what labels deal with the kind of music you play and spend some time researching artists your sense of music style is similar to and what labels work with them. Get informed.

2. Know About Demo Policies

When you have drafted your list of labels, make it a point to learn about each label’s policy on demos. At times you find that larger labels don’t accept demos that weren’t sought after because it happens that some people send them demos and then later sue them, claiming their songs were stolen. Most labels have demo policies on their websites. When looking through these policies, find out the following:

  • checkAre unsolicited demos accepted?
  • checkWhat are the acceptable demo formats? (CD, mp3 clips, thumb drives, etc.)
  • checkDemo mailing address
  • checkIs there a specific demo rep that you address your package to?
  • checkWhat are the follow up rules? Can you call or email to ask whether they have listened to your demo or not?

3. Keep It Brief

Keep in mind that even small labels are swamped with demos, and a lot of labels won’t have the chance to listen to everything they receive. So making their jobs easier ups your chances of getting your demo played. In your demo package, make sure to include:

  • checkList Element
  • checkList Element
  • checkList Element

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